I have decided to publish the essay I have written during my credited coaching exams.
A New Dimension
My essay is focused on spirituality and how it is increasingly permeating everyday lives of increasing number of people in today world. Great number of successful individuals are connected to the source of spiritual perception of the world and they are aware that it is the foundation of healthy success and lasting happiness in life. At the beginning I would also like to delve into meaning of the word spirituality. Spirituality is when one understands that events in material world first manifest in thought, idea, inspiration, longing, vibration, intuition, mood, in imagination or in Gods voice – in other words in non-material world. That is how I know that events in material world originate inside me and then they manifest in the outside. I know that what is inside me later becomes my outside reality. As they say: “both in heaven and on earth”. Spirituality has no God, or rituals, or any religion. To be spiritual means that I perceive the spiritual plane of the world. That is what great masters, yogis and avatars always thought us. Only later did people create religions, sects or churches.
My complicated and difficult life experiences brought me onto the path of realisation that human life is not only about consumeristic perception of the world, when you see yourself as a body with senses, but that there is a lot more inside me, and that is my true self. That there is outreaching, unified, all pervading stream of eternity that is always present.
For our whole life, we are growing with false image of the world. From very young age we are told whom we should aspire to be, how we should and should not behave, how to survive in the artificial world build upon system of fear and material perception. Even I rather ran away, not only with the help of drugs, into my own world, where I, after many great and un-comprehensible down-falls, found that something that could be described as a new breath, discovering yourself or rebirth.
I have realised that human society goes hand in hand with biological, scientific, technical and also spiritual evolution. I have found intuitive guidance within myself. It teaches me how to live at all the levels and how to be stable, satisfied and consistently happy and enriching human being. In other words, it is return to human nature and to humbleness in times of development. Many have forgotten that everything is connected and that everything flows together in one stream. All natural cycles, all inhabitants of the planet are part of this stream. When Human steps into this stream, they become happier, more natural, more successful, more enriching, more stable, healthier, in general their whole live changes for the better. To be more precise, in reality we are all part of the rhythm of universe and this surreally large intelligence. We either dance with it consciously and keep the pace, or we are getting tangled into ideas about life, that originate in mind and are therefore limited, since mind is only small part of the entirety. All that is created by mind therefore brings inevitable doom. On the other hand, all that comes through true knowledge is eternal in nature.
There are a lot of various guides and terminology about how to be more positive, to be happier etc. Experienced and wise humans know that everything comes and originates from this spiritual plane. They start to explore it more deeply and find out how the inner attunement positively impacts their reality. Then the spirituality and use of things supporting spirituality (such as meditation, observing one self and yoga) become part of everyday life. In this sense we can perceive massive shift in the world and within individuals.
Nonetheless majority of population lives in inner fear. Fear brings destruction and people that are afraid are easy to manipulate. This can be advantageous to large corporations. When we perceive the world through the veil of fear (feeling deprivation, fighting for position, feeling threatened), you naturally become selfish, power hungry, greedy and indifferent towards others. We can change this by incorporating positive elements into our everyday lives. Each one of us starts to change for the better from the inside and starts to create new material reality for ourselves and the world.
Modern psychology says: We acknowledge our mistake. In the past, we were not trying to find a solution to how to guide normal humans to happiness and how to keep them in healthy psychical condition, by which we could prevent severe mental breakdowns or conditions. It is also scientifically proven that long lasting feeling of happiness and stability is impacted by honest service to others, living in present moment and for the given activity, also design of things and surroundings are important. Positive psychology is already applying results of its research, which I see as a major advancement. Alas everything is already written in in ancient scriptures and literary works of our world, that are based on spirituality. It is important to remember that all these works are written in words of their time.
Each day more and more people realise that todays world has its limits and they are asking themselves how to change it. All of us who asked this question answer: realise and change yourself. This process of change is very complex and for some even painful. We often need help of the others, that is why many coaches, therapists, masters or centres start to lean towards alternative solutions.
My wish is to help people who are feeling the need for change in live, and even help to those, who are still lost in labyrinths of unawareness and inevitably arrive to the limits of their power or got lost in dead ends. To help by gentle yet effective methods such as coaching and therapy and to point them towards their goals or changes in life. I found my inspiration in, for example Mr. Jelínek who is coach and uses meditation and works with energy channels and chakras in our body. I found out that he also uses discoveries in quantum physics, for example the fact that every atom is in its core composed of energy, therefore the whole material world (air, water, minerals, plants, animals and humans) are composed of energy. When we change this energy inside us and stabilize it at the highest frequency, we will perceive it as happiness, unconditional love, or bliss. This automatically opens inside us the path towards full potential of our being. It is possible to measure this vibration. The studies on this subject were conducted by doc. Masaru Emoto. High frequency energies enhance our creativity, expand our world view and self-confidence. On the other hand, low frequency energies cause fear, limit our world view, keep us in old programs and routines, support our indifference towards life, nature and other people. I was also inspired by other personalities, such as Albert Einstein, Michael Jackson, princes Diana, Jaroslav Dušek, Marek Dzirasa, Mahatma Gandhi a Paramahamsa Vishvananda.
Everyday I wish that those that live in inauspicious parts of the world that are ravaged by war, natural disasters or rule by dictators, will be once able to live in as much freedom as we live in now. And I wish for us living in better environment to stop creating illusory fears and hostile atmosphere. I believe that people will soon realise that deficiency does not exist, when we are ourselves and live in love and truth. Those are the laws of nature and universe that are stronger than human mind or intellect. To live in heart is easy and natural, you just need to accept that mind is only one of the human tools, same as body, feelings or techniques, and not foundation for building of human society.
Romana Ezrová Anuradha dasi

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